Collection of Vintage Pocket Watches


You cannot consider wristwatch as the only main timepiece that could be ported from one place to another. The beginning of any timekeeping devices is the petite clock that could be kept in any pocket of a waistcoat or jacket. Nowadays, you can hardly see any of these mobile watches; however, people are still interested in collecting such vintage pocket watches.


Clocks were introduced a number of years ago; nevertheless, by 16th century the portable timepieces were invented. One of the main inventors of such watches is Peter Henlein. As people at that time worked with silver, brass, gold and traded in steel, they worked with small designs too that made them to create beautiful watches even by Atlanta locksmiths.


Thus, you could find a number of people manufacturing such pocket watches. Not until the 18th century was the minute and second hands introduced after which the time was perfectly realized through the watches. The pocket watches were replaced by wristwatches after World War I. Now only at selected functions, one can enjoy seeing the beauty of pocket watches. Mobile phones now are used for time keeping.


The timepieces helped the astronomers and scientists to create some more accurate calculations and experiments. To understand the location while traveling form one place to another, even the captains of ships started using pocket watches. These watches also helped the engineers of railroad as the slightest mistake in time could lead to accidents. Besides the fact that pocket watches show time, they are marked as vintage style and eccentricity.